How to buy

Step 1

Download and Install Phantom

Phantom is a crypto wallet app used for storing and managing Solana tokens. After creating a wallet be sure to write down your recovery phrase on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safe.

Download Phantom wallet

Step 2

Purchase some Solana

From inside the Phantom app you can purchase Solana using Moonpay or other providers.

You can also purchase SOL on various CEX exchanges and then transfer the SOL tokens to your Phantom wallet.

Step 3

Swap Your SOL for $MUST

Go to the website, then connect your wallet in the SWAP tool.

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In the 'You're paying' input, set SOL, and in the 'To receive' field, expand the menu to input the $MUST token address: 97yCGSEmRxGairNREp1dPhJUsU1d87wphxEpjNbs8A8C copy.

If you can't see the Mustafa token, at the bottom of that window, select the 'ALL' option (3).

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Confirm selecting the $MUST token. Don't worry, nothing will explode

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Select the amount of SOL you want to exchange for $MUST tokens and confirm the transaction.

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you are now a holder of $MUST tokens.